Be a pirat!

13. May 2019.

Being a pirate is a dream for every little child in one of the stages of growing up, and if your little one likes Captain Kuku and all about these well-known seafarers, bring them to Garden Mall on Saturday, May 18, from 5 pm to 7 pm.

What a pirate would be when he is not in the good physical form he could show through numerous animation games - shaking hands, swirling a pirate board rocking, rope pulling, looking for gold in the sand.

Did you ever see pirates without links to the eye, caps and swords - all these things  your kids will be able to create on their own at creative workshops. The best entertainment is certainly guaranteed with the "Pirate Pirate's Quest," and a sword school for small pirates and the teaching of tying pirate knots, all with pirate cocktails and sweets!

Pirate entertainment is waiting for you at Supernova Garden Mall this Saturday - see you!


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