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+385 1 5540 314

Mia Sofilić Gaćeša


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Working hours

Working hours of Supernova Zagreb - Garden Mall

Supernova Zagreb – Garden Mall Shopping Center:

Monday - Sunday: from 9 am to 9 pm

Interspar supermarket, tobacco shop, and  Tutto Bene snack bar:

Monday - Sunday: from 7 am to 9 pm

Interspar restaurant: 

Monday - Saturday: from 11 am to 7 pm
Sunday: from 11 am to 5 pm

Caffe bars: Murano, Sky bar, Garden bar: 

Monday - Sunday: from 8 am to 9 pm

 Working hours during holidays





International Worker's Day

9 am - 9 pm


Corpus Christi

9 am - 9 pm


Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

9 am - 9 pm


Statehood Day

9 am - 9 pm


Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

9 am - 9 pm

About us

Shopping center Supernova Zagreb - Garden Mall

Supernova Zagreb - Garden Mall is the first shopping center of third generation in the eastern part of the city of Zagreb, Ulica Rudolfa Kolaka 14, with 26,000 square meters of retail space, that makes it the largest shopping center in Zagreb's Dubrava and one of the largest shopping centers in Zagreb East. The Center opened in 2009. The Austrian group Supernova took over the centar in January 2017 and the center was renamed the Supernova Zagreb - Garden Mall. Supernova Zagreb - Garden Mall is located along the street Rudolf Kolak in Gornja Dubrava, and its very location is one of its main comparative advantages. With a sales area consisting of over 70 brands, Supernova Zagreb - Garden Mall also offers additional facilities; six bars, a restaurant, Tutto Bene snack bar and a hair salon. In architectural terms, the shopping center Supernova Zagreb - Garden Mall respond to all the demands of its primary purpose, it fits nicely in the environment in which it is located, emphasizing its advantages. Thanks to the numerous glass walls, the interior of the Center is rich in natural light, which is additionally emphasized by water elements and numerous plants. This creates an environment that fully justifies the name of the shopping center - "Garden Mall".


Join the Supernova team

Would you like to become the part of the modern shopping center and place your brand or service in the company of leading European and local manufacturers?
If you are interested in a long-term rent, please contact:
Horatiu Bucur 

For short-term rent, promotions or discount sales, please contact:
Mia Sofilić Gaćeša

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