Zoo City

Zoo City

The company ZOO CITY Ltd, founded in 2008, is offering you a superb shopping atmosphere along with the complete solution of your pet's needs, whether it comes to dogs or cats, birds or rodents, fish or reptiles."Out of love for pets" slogan is also a real reflection of the atmosphere at the ZOO CITY collective. Every employee of the ZOO CITY owns at least one pet and nurtures real affection towards those little creatures. The variety of selection - the assortment at ZOO CITY stores is carefully chosen so it could successfully fulfill all desires and requirements of our customers, depending on their needs.  On the shelves at ZOO CITY shops you can find a complete selection of food and equipment for your pet, based on your preferences and possibilities. If your desire for equipping your pet is expanding further away from what we would include into his basic needs, here you will find products that you surely did not have the opportunity to get to know on Croatian market.

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