Varteks & više

Varteks & više

Varteks & više is a home of Croatian fashion brand DiCaprio by Varteks.

Through 100 years of existence and working, Varteks creates fashion. Stylistic and professionally remarkable collections are made to teach generations to acknowledge beautiful and quality clothes. 

Di Caprio by Varteks is a Croatian fashion brand for man and woman that represents the highlight of the centuries-old tradition of the company. It is inspired by the Mediterranean elegance in which even the most formal pieces of clothing are being worn leisurely. Its lightness is accomplished through perfect cuts, inherited by extraordinary masters, and seal of modern times. Top modelling and sewing, as the most expressive parts of DiCaprio by Varteks collection, are key to creating recognizable business elegance. The secrets of great masters are worn in every suit. All of the Varteks' suits and sets fit perfectly to every figure. 

There is new Di Caprio by Varteks collection, and many accessories to complement it, waiting for you in newly opened sales store. 

By joining the Varteks loyalty club, you can realize additional benefits when shopping.

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