We have always wanted to find a real store, the one with personality - the store where you can feel good vibes and  good atmosphere, the store where music is constantly moving you and where staff is kind but not assertive, the store with great choice of crazy things and progressive, high quality brands; where while you are picking new accessories you can get info about different urban events....to put it simple, we wanted a store where you can have a pleasant time even if you did not come for the purpose of buying something. That is a kind of store we have never found, but, inspired with this ideas we have established ShoeBeDo. New generations have brought new values and our aim is to understand them and give a high quality answer to their needs.  In a way, the starting point of ShoeBeDo concept is  the result of an obvious new need- the need to look different, to create an unique style in accordance with ones own affinities and attitudes, to fill comfortable, informed and modern. ShoeBeDo don`t intend to impose, simulate or manipulate; we appreciate comfortable clothes, shoes, good music, films, books. We love adrenalin, traveling, creativity and people with style - we want the ShoeBeDo stores to have that vibe. Visit us and see have we succeeded in doing that!

P. stepenice
Baby Room
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