Lonci & poklopci by Bajde

Lonci & poklopci by Bajde

Lonci & Poklopci by Bajde is a chain of culinary shops located in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Rijeka and Ljubljana. We offer pots and dishes, cutlery, kitchen appliances, aids and cooking equipment. In our offer, you will find top quality products, even for the most demanding gourmets and culinary delights! For the most demanding, we offer top dishes and knives for Chefs and households - Kai and deBuyer, representative dishes, cutlery from Korkmaz and Solingen. For healthy food preparation, there are LAVA and BIOL gulp pots, Marlux handmills, AdHoc soles, teaspoons, refrigerators, caps and bottle opener, Ken Hom wok pans. For your culinary experience, there are hand-made wooden cutting boards and food serving, as well as premium racks for prosciutto. For coffee lovers, we offer coffee makers Pedrini. We also offer Guzzini polycarbonate dishes, top-quality glasses from Leonardo, Bugatti design gadgets, top quality ASA dishes that will make cooking and serving food easier, as well as enrich your home. For true lovers of outdoor cooking, we offer top-quality Barbecook and Fahreinheit gas and grill on charcoal! 

Lonci & Poklopci by Bajde for your top culinary experience.

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