Fashion & Friends

Fashion & Friends

Fashion & Friends is a unique multibrand concept store owned by Fashion Company - a leading regional company dealing with fashion and fashion retail and wholesale. Multibrand store Fashion&Friends dates back to 2007 when it first appeared on the fashion scene and since then has opened eight shops in Rijeka, Split, Zagreb and in the most recent location of the beautiful Mediterranean city of Zadar.

Outstanding offer of creative design of top quality includes a wide range of renowned world brands such as Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Liu Jo, Liu JO Uomo, Calvin Klein jeans, Gaudi, Munich, Superdry, Replay, Manila Grace, Ugg, Premiata, Mou, Diesel and Inuikki. Each brand is a story for itself and together make the perfect symbiosis of cult femininity, sensuality, practicality, creativity and playful nature intended for the urban populace that follows the trends.

The expansion of the multibrand network testifies the popularity of the fashion concept that does not stop winning the fashion-conscious audience all over Croatia.

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