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Müller can be found on over 750 sites in Europe. You will find us at selected locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and even in Mallorca! Our branch network is expanding constantly.

With drugstores 1973 Müller began a story about success and today is still a criterion for the entire branch. Our drugstore even today achieves the highest turnover.

The reason for this is clear. Thanks to consistent improvement and expansion of the largest range in Europe we offer to each customer over 50 000 products, leaving no space for needs.

In our branches a customer can easily and quickly find the desired product.

The great diversity of product range

Müller leads the largest drugstore and wide range of products you can also find in the department of perfumery, stationery and toys. Our portfolio consists of 50 000 products.

High quality, low cost

The quality and attractive prices – this is what we always offer to our customers. Lot of affordable products and you don’t need to give up quality, service and the best brands. Come and see for yourself!

Gift Coupons

Surprise your friends and acquaintances with gift voucher from Müller. Gift coupon is a good choice for all occasions such as Christmas, birthday or wedding. A large selection of products fulfills all your wishes. You will give a choice of huge selection and even more joy!

Educated employees

Kindness and good service are at the first place from the very beginning of Müller. Come to one of our branches and let our professional staff advise you! We are here for you no matter what topic – health, beauty or stationery!

A luxurious shopping environment

It can not be described, you have to experience it. Let the pleasant ambience of Müller outlets surprise you! Friendly atmosphere and good distribution of products make shopping at Müllers pleasant. Check and see for yourself!

We look forward to your visit!

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