Farmacia is the biggest private pharmacy chain in Croatia that functions within the system of Atlantic Group, the biggest food company in the region and a significant producer in the consumer healthcare industry. We have carefully selected the assortment for our drugstores and specialized stores, all according to our experience, guidelines and novelties in the contemporary medicine and our client`s needs. Drugs, herbal products and food supplements from our offer satisfy the highest standards and are proved to be harmless and efficient. We consult our clients` needs, examine their health state, other medicine usage, nutrition and then recommend a medicine. Our strategy is to use the additional value to create a recognizable image at the market, giving our clients the highest possible level of service. Our approach results in high quality and thorough service. We are also developing high quality user programs, like free consulting and medical examination in cooperation with specialized medical staff, like for example, blood pressure measurement, school of non-smoking and similar programs you can find at our web pages. Consult with us and  make a decision about safe and efficient medicament usage!

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