Takko Fashion

Takko Fashion

We offer casual fashion for the whole family at a sensational cost-benefit ratio. With about 1,900 stores in 17 countries, including France, a test country and almost 18,000 employees worldwide, Takko Fashion is one of the largest fashion discounters in Europe.

We particularly value customer orientation. Our customers can reach us anytime, anywhere, from our stores and online shop to social media. With our Omni-Channel concept, we link these channels together and offer our customers a boundless shopping experience. That's important to us because as a Smart Discounter we want to let our customers decide for themselves how, where, and when they buy their fashion.

We are proud of the large variety of our products and our strong private brands. Our swiftly growing assortment always gives our customers the perfect combination of trendy styles and classic basics, and always with new accents.

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