Plodine d.d., is one of the leading retail chains in Croatia, and has 82 supermarkets across the country. In the larger towns of all counties, except from Dubrovačko-neretvanska counti there are at least one supermarket of Plodine.

 Company Plodine d.d. was founded in 1993 and a major expansion has started since 2002. 

With continued expansion, the goal is to expand the business, but always focusing on customer and service quality. 

By distributing our departments and assortments, our supermarkets provide consumers with a functional and enjoyable shopping experience, with state-of-the-art standards in the store. 

When we talk about a sales assortment, food products make up 65% of the bargain, especially among them the so-called fresh departments: a green market department that offers a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat department and baker's department. 

Fresh departments are supplied daily with fresh goods of proven origin and tested quality. In order for customers to find everything in one place and save time and money, 35% of the range is made up of non-food items and there is everything they need for a single household: from small household items, through quality textiles to electrical appliances and tools, rich a selection of toys and everything for the youngest. 

The brand of Plodine makes over 700 quality products, offering top quality at the best prices.

All of the above mentioned Plodine is a unique trading chain in Croatia that successfully follows the trends and strives to satisfy the consumers of the present but also the future.

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