Mlinar Caffe

Mlinar Caffe

Mlinar – passion for baking since 1903.

Our passion for baking and creating high quality bakery products has followed us for generations.

More than 100 year old tradition and constant improvement and innovations, have driven us to the place where we are today - a market leader in Croatia’s bakery production. Every day more than 1900 craftsman and women share their passion and commitment in creating a wide range of the finest bakery products: bread, viennoiserie pastry, buns, rolls, sandwiches or patisseries. Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology, quality Croatian ingredients and

know -how, give us the opportunity to produce high quality products, which we present in more than 200 of our branded specialized bakery stores, hotels and retail chains. With our prebaked and ready-to-bake programme, we’re always developing our ranges to bring our customers the freshest, most exciting products that fit the current trends and consumer needs.Mlinar's brand and products except in Croatia are present in Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Mlinar caffe is also open in the Supernova City Colosseum.All the customers of the center who want a small break from shopping can have a nice cup of coffee with a croissant or they can buy a fresh bread or pastries in Mlinar caffe on the ground floor of the center. Mlinar caffe offers many well-known bakery delicacies that are freshly prepared in the store - warm pies, delicious pastries, pizza, burek and sandwiches, sweets, cold or hot beverages.

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